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Story Strategy

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Here’s What Happens To Our Brains When It Listens To A Story

Alternative title: Our brain’s love story with stories. Our love of stories runs deep. We have been telling stories since before we were even farming. We are born storytellers. We love stories so much that we as humans actually have very little ability to resist a good story. This is good news for us as […]

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How We Can Express Our Authority Without Being Braggy & Turning Our Audience Off

As we’ve learned, we are not the hero in our brand story. We are the guide. And part of what makes a good, reliable, trust-worthy guide is authority. But no one likes a know-it-all show-off who preaches at them. So how can we express our authority to our audience without bragging about ourselves so much that […]

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Give Your Customers A “Happily Ever After”

In movies and books (really anytime you’re telling a story) the audience needs to know what the happy ending can look like. We’re rooting for that to happen the whole time. When it comes to creating this messaging in your marketing, you need to cast a vision for a happy ending for your customer. What this […]

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Utilize These 2 Mental Triggers To Get Your Customers To Recognize You As The Guide They’ve Been Looking For

As we’ve learned, we are not the hero in our brand story but the guide. But what makes a guide likable, reliable, and trust-worthy? There 2 main characteristics that make a guide a guide: Empathy & Authority When Luke Skywalker meets Yoda, he encounters the perfect guide. Yoda is the lovable character who understands Luke’s dilemma […]

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The 2 Types Of Plans Your Customer Needs To Make The Purchase

As guides in our brand’s story, we need to provide our customers with a solid plan. (Read Story Strategy Element 4: Plan to learn more) There are 2 kinds of plans that your customer needs to feel comfortable enough to actually press the “Buy Now” button and purchase from you: The Process Plan and The Agreement Plan […]

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Story Strategy Element 7: Success

One thing I want you to take away from this blog post is… Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives. TELL THEM. We have to tell our customers how great their life can look if they buy our products/services. During the dark times of the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt used the song “Happy […]

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Story Strategy Element 6: Failure

This Story Strategy element may seem a little counterproductive at first, but once you understand it’s importance in the story of your brand you’ll be palming your forehead saying “DUH.” In order for a story to be captivating, thrilling, and worth hearing through there has to be some suspense. Stories need some conflict and threatening […]

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Story Strategy Element 5: Call-To-Action

Here’s the bottom line: Your customer will not take action unless they are challenged to take action. I know- kind of annoying but that’s just how we work as human beings. In stories, characters don’t take action on their own. They must be challenged. A story where a woman who needs to lose 30 pounds […]

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Story Strategy Element 4: Plan

Customers trust a guide who has a plan. (Read Story Strategy Element 3: Guide to learn about your role as the guide) We need to lay out a simple plan of action for them to take, before they’re able to be ready to invest in what we’re offering. Actually making a purchase is a huge step, especially […]

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Story Strategy Element 3: Guide

Here’s the bottom line: Customers aren’t looking for another hero; they’re looking for a GUIDE. As I explained in Story Strategy Elements 1: Character, you are NOT the hero in this story. Your customer is. If heroes in a story could solve their own problems, they would never get into trouble in the first place. That’s […]

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Story Strategy Element 2: Problem

In it’s simplest form, a story starts with a character who lives in peace and balance. Then suddenly something throws off that balance and disturbs the peace- a bomb explodes, someone is kidnapped, a disaster strikes, etc. The hero then sets out on a journey to return to the life of bliss they once enjoyed. […]

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Story Strategy Element 1: Character

Starting off the Story Strategy Elements Series is Element 1: Character. Every story obviously needs a main character, a protagonist, and a hero. In your brand story, who do you think the main character is? (Hint: it’s NOT you.) It’s actually your customer! As humans we live our lives through our own first person POV. […]

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What is the Story Strategy?

I’m a big advocate of using the Story Strategy to really captivate our audience and inspire them to work with us and better their own lives. But what exactly is the Story Strategy? And why will I not shut up about it? The Story Strategy is all about using the 7 elements of storytelling to entice and […]

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erin D.

What can I say? Working with Jenna has been amazing. She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process. She took something that means the world to me and took my ideas and made them a reality. 1000/10 would recommend her talents & creativity to anyone looking to update or create their branding. My branding package is so cute/ to die for and so much better than I could have ever imagined. Jenna is so talented and I loved working with her. I will continue to use her services any chance I can get!

"She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process."


Libby B.

I couldn't be happier with the exceptional website design services provided by Jenna. She transformed my vision into a stunning, user-friendly website that perfectly represents my brand. Her attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to ensuring every aspect of the site exceeded my expectations truly sets her apart. Working with Jenna was a breeze, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking top-notch web design.

"Her attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to ensuring every aspect of the site exceeded my expectations truly sets her apart"


Lauren M.

Jenna is so incredibly talented and anyone who works with her will have their expectations completely blown away.  The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design. My website has only been live for 3 weeks and I already have 4 discovery calls in the books - with $0 in advertising costs! 

"The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design."


erin A.

Jenna exceeded my expectations in every aspect of this process. I appreciated how organized and easy Jenna made this entire process. She did an excellent job at not only designing my website, but making my website the vibe and aesthetic I wanted- fun, approachable and not overwhelming. I could tell that Jenna really took all the information I told her into consideration when designing my website and it came out beautiful! Her support before, during and even after this process has been amazing.

"The Website In A Day Package was EVERYTHING I needed!"


Serena H.

Jenna captured everything I have ever envisioned for my brand and more!! I've been trying to figure out my branding on my own since I created my business, but nothing was really clicking, and everything I shared on my socials just didn't feel like me. I'm so excited to revamp my business with this new branding and love how easy Jenna made this process! (Seriously, the organization of her branding/website copy workbooks is *chef's kiss*)

"If you've felt stuck with your branding and can't find anything that feels just right, Jenna is DEFINITELY worth the investment!"


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