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In it’s simplest form, a story starts with a character who lives in peace and balance. Then suddenly something throws off that balance and disturbs the peace- a bomb explodes, someone is kidnapped, a disaster strikes, etc. The hero then sets out on a journey to return to the life of bliss they once enjoyed.

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Our customers are drawn to us for the same reason heroes are pulled into stories. They want to solve a problem that has disrupted their peaceful life in some way. If you sell lawn care products or services, your customers are coming to you because they’re embarrassed of their lawn or simply don’t have the time to take care of it. It’s not as dramatic or high-stakes as saving the president from his kidnappers in Russia, but the premise is still the same: our customers are in trouble and need our help.

By talking about the problems our customers are facing, we deepen their interest in everything we’re offering. What many businesses fail to realize is that there are actually 3 levels of problems humans face in our everyday lives:

1. External Problems

2. Internal Problems

3. Philosophical problems

(Read The 3 Levels of Conflict & How They Captivate Your Audience’s Imagination to learn more)

Here’s a massive nugget of insight: Businesses tend to only sell solutions to external problems, but customers BUY solutions to internal problems.

Example: a lawn care company can sell mowing, weeding, fertilizing their customers lawns, but really what people are gonna buy is feeling that they’re lawn looks better than their neighbors or a lack of frustration from having to spend their free time/weekend tending their lawn instead of playing with their kids or watching football. Humans are much more motivated to resolve their inner frustrations. Understanding & addressing the 3 levels of conflict your customer faces will help you create a brand promise that will connect with your audience on a primitive level.

Humans are much more motivated to resolve their inner frustrations.

It’s important for us to understand, empathize with, and offer a solution to the problems that our customers are facing. Have a clearly defined villain or problem that you’re trying to defeat. It helps people feel more sane and hopeful- “it’s not just me.” If someone in a marketing message is articulating your problem (especially if they articulate it better than you are able to yourself) you’ll feel less alien, more confident, and more open and hopeful that there could be a solution to this problem.

Click below to learn more about the Story Strategy and the other elements that go into making your brand story irresistible to your audience.

What Is The Story Strategy?
Story Strategy Element 1: Character
Story Strategy Element 3: Guide
Story Strategy Element 4: Plan
Story Strategy Element 5: Call-To-Action
Story Strategy Element 6: Failure
Story Strategy Element 7: Success

Story Strategy Element 2: Problem

Story Strategy


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Scale Now Creative credits StoryBrand and Donald Miller with acquiring the knowledge of branding and marketing, and the strategy of storytelling used within these areas. I encourage you all to check out his podcast here, his website here, and purchase his book here. Scale Now Creative is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with StoryBrand.

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erin D.

What can I say? Working with Jenna has been amazing. She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process. She took something that means the world to me and took my ideas and made them a reality. 1000/10 would recommend her talents & creativity to anyone looking to update or create their branding. My branding package is so cute/ to die for and so much better than I could have ever imagined. Jenna is so talented and I loved working with her. I will continue to use her services any chance I can get!

"She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process."


Lauren M.

Jenna is so incredibly talented and anyone who works with her will have their expectations completely blown away.  The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design. My website has only been live for 3 weeks and I already have 4 discovery calls in the books - with $0 in advertising costs! 

"The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design."


erin A.

Jenna exceeded my expectations in every aspect of this process. I appreciated how organized and easy Jenna made this entire process. She did an excellent job at not only designing my website, but making my website the vibe and aesthetic I wanted- fun, approachable and not overwhelming. I could tell that Jenna really took all the information I told her into consideration when designing my website and it came out beautiful! Her support before, during and even after this process has been amazing.

"The Website In A Day Package was EVERYTHING I needed!"


Serena H.

Jenna captured everything I have ever envisioned for my brand and more!! I've been trying to figure out my branding on my own since I created my business, but nothing was really clicking, and everything I shared on my socials just didn't feel like me. I'm so excited to revamp my business with this new branding and love how easy Jenna made this process! (Seriously, the organization of her branding/website copy workbooks is *chef's kiss*)

"If you've felt stuck with your branding and can't find anything that feels just right, Jenna is DEFINITELY worth the investment!"


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