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This Story Strategy element may seem a little counterproductive at first, but once you understand it’s importance in the story of your brand you’ll be palming your forehead saying “DUH.”

In order for a story to be captivating, thrilling, and worth hearing through there has to be some suspense. Stories need some conflict and threatening possibilities. It has to be possible for things to go wrong or there’s no exhilaration in the story.

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I mean think about it- watching Liam Neeson disarm a bomb that’s strapped to his daughter with 18 seconds on the clock wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if it was revealed earlier in the story that it was filled with baby powder. There needs to be some stakes in the game!

You need to provide those stakes in your brand story as well. Tell your audience what the consequences of NOT doing business with you are. It’s important to bring this to their attention and create a sense of FOMO.

Tell your audience what the consequences of NOT doing business with you are.

Look at it like this: Your audience is going to pay one way or another. They’re either gonna pay for the product/service you offer and have their problem solved OR they’re going to pay the consequences of not buying. So explain to them the cost of inaction.

Think about what you’re helping your customer to avoid. How do help save them from this alternative perilous fate? Or rather- how do you help them save THEMSELVES from it. Remember, you are not the hero in the story. Your customer is!

Now, it’s important for me to add that you don’t want to harp on these consequences of inaction. You want to bring your audience’s attention to the possibility of “failure” (should they decide to not work with you) for a brief moment- simply reminding them of this very real threat to their happiness and success. But then immediately after tying it back to how you help them solve their problem and achieve their goal. You want to follow up with showing them the light at the end of the tunnel and giving them the confidence and motivation to invest in themselves and work with you.

Additionally, having some sort of statement like “I know what it feels like…” is a great form of marketing. This adds connection, empathy, and understanding. It also helps your audience to trust you. You’re providing hope by telling them that you’ve been where they are and how you were able to solve this once shared problem.

So sprinkle some conflict in your Story Strategy. Every good recipe needs a sprinkle of salt. Not too much of course, or else it’ll turn out disgusting so don’t over-do it. But just enough to bring out the delicious taste of success.

Click below to learn more about the Story Strategy and the other elements that go into making your brand story irresistible to your audience.

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Story Strategy


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Scale Now Creative credits StoryBrand and Donald Miller with acquiring the knowledge of branding and marketing, and the strategy of storytelling used within these areas. I encourage you all to check out his podcast here, his website here, and purchase his book here. Scale Now Creative is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with StoryBrand.

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What can I say? Working with Jenna has been amazing. She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process. She took something that means the world to me and took my ideas and made them a reality. 1000/10 would recommend her talents & creativity to anyone looking to update or create their branding. My branding package is so cute/ to die for and so much better than I could have ever imagined. Jenna is so talented and I loved working with her. I will continue to use her services any chance I can get!

"She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process."


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Jenna is so incredibly talented and anyone who works with her will have their expectations completely blown away.  The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design. My website has only been live for 3 weeks and I already have 4 discovery calls in the books - with $0 in advertising costs! 

"The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design."


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Jenna exceeded my expectations in every aspect of this process. I appreciated how organized and easy Jenna made this entire process. She did an excellent job at not only designing my website, but making my website the vibe and aesthetic I wanted- fun, approachable and not overwhelming. I could tell that Jenna really took all the information I told her into consideration when designing my website and it came out beautiful! Her support before, during and even after this process has been amazing.

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Jenna captured everything I have ever envisioned for my brand and more!! I've been trying to figure out my branding on my own since I created my business, but nothing was really clicking, and everything I shared on my socials just didn't feel like me. I'm so excited to revamp my business with this new branding and love how easy Jenna made this process! (Seriously, the organization of her branding/website copy workbooks is *chef's kiss*)

"If you've felt stuck with your branding and can't find anything that feels just right, Jenna is DEFINITELY worth the investment!"


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