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A one-of-a-kind offer for one-of-a-kind businesses.
This custom brand & web design experience is saturated with luxury, convenience, & an overwhelming sense of "wow this is easy" from kick off call to final handover.

It's a new era for you and your business. Out with the out-dated, uninspired, and unaligned. In with the strategic, soul-aligned, and looks so good it gives you chills.

You're ready to upgrade your Honda to a Rolls-Royce, your Alex and Ani to Cartier, and your $5k-30k+/month income to 6 & 7 figure status. To do it, you'll need one thing: a shiny new, all-over-luxe, custom brand and website that shows you're ready to embody it all.

You're in the right place, babe

step up your game + soar to new heights

You've evolved past your current brand & website.

the experience:

Brand basics + starter kit

this includes:

$3,100 in full | $660 x 5 payment plan

Shared Google Drive folder for easy access to everything you need related to your new brand + website

all with a one day turn around time

Website in a day

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starts at

5 Page Website; Home, About, Offers, Contact & One Long-Form Sales Page

Soul-Aligned Branding; Brand Board, Color Palette, Font Pairings, & Word Mark Logo

1:1 with Our Copywriter- that's right we have a professional on hand to write the highest quality copy for your website

Get Prepared Checklists + Streamlined Communication

+ IG bio link page (no more unsightly, off-brand linktree)

Custom logo design available upon request (additional cost)

Take that ish off your plate

Custom Video Tutorials + Website Training Guide + Resources

and meet the woman behind it all

get your burning questions answered in real time

Here's what women just like you have to say...

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"The Website In A Day Package was EVERYTHING I needed!"

Jenna exceeded my expectations in every aspect of this process. I appreciated how organized and easy Jenna made this entire process. She did an excellent job at not only designing my website, but making my website the vibe and aesthetic I wanted- fun, approachable and not overwhelming. I could tell that Jenna really took all the information I told her into consideration when designing my website and it came out beautiful! Her support before, during and even after this process has been amazing.



"She took the branding that she'd previously done, all my additional crazy ideas, all my eccentric qualities and she turned basically who I am as a person into a website."



"This whole experience was so fun from start to finish!"

I am not creative at all, Jenna took my questionnaire answers and came up with gorgeous branding  & website. What made this sooo easy was her Notion workbooks.

We communicated every step of the way. I 100% recommend Rothwein Design!



brand basics + 5 page custom site

Website in a day

is this right for me?

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You know that you want + need a website that’s backed by strategy and will work for  you, effortlessly booking appointments in your sleep.

You're too busy with a quickly growing business that you don't have the time nor the energy to spend on a 3+ month website project.

You understand that time = money and you're ready to level up your evolving business NOW.

this offer is for you if...

don't stunt your growth

with a website that undersells yourself

A human's attention span is all of 8 seconds. Make them count.

Business owners who put their brand + website on the back burner, don't stand a chance of catching their audience's eye, let alone holding their attention.

This results in lost opportunities, lost sales, and lost hope.

You haven't come this far to not even be noticed by the people who need your services most.

take your game to the next level

with a website that does the work for you

I do one thing and I do it really well:

Create brands + websites that naturally magnetizes your dream clients, holds their attention, and effortlessly seals the deal.

The brand + website I create for you is backed by countless hours of experience, on-going education, and proven strategy. Not to mention it'll leave jaws on the floor.

Level up your business today- you deserve it.

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How can i tell if i'm ready for this?


Flourishing business? Check. Undoubtedly daring? Check. Bursting at the seams, ready to spread your wings and fly? Check. You're ready, bestie.

The Website In A Day/Week experience is crafted for unapologetically unique female entrepreneurs who are thriving and evolving in their business. An ambitious woman grounded in both abundance AND freedom. A fierce CEO dead set on expanding her empire with a shiny new, high vibe brand and website that withstands the test of time.

When do we start?

We hop on our Kick Off Call at 10AM and at 5PM I hand off your gorgeous new website. (All times are EST)

how long do we have together?

You have 7 hours of my undivided attention in which we work together to knock your website out of the park.

SO how does this all work?

It's literally that easy.

Once you’ve gathered all materials needed, we'll book your VIP Day.


Here's the run down, bestie:

Once each page is built out I check over everything and make sure it's all looking perfect before migrating it to your Showit account.
After applying, being approved, and investing you'll be sent to a welcome page that has your next steps laid out for you that you need to complete before our day together.
The big day arrives and we start it off with a Kick Off Call at 10am EST. On this call we discuss your brand, your vision, and run through the game plan for the rest of the day.
From there, I get to work on your brand. I create brand options- complete with color palette and your word mark logo, for you to choose which one you feel most aligned with.
After finalizing your brand I move on to your website. Starting with your home page, I create a custom design for your unique business. Once I've completed each page I'll send them off to you to get any feedback you have and make tweaks necessary.
At the end of the day, I’ll hand off your dream website and you'll receive access to your brand files and Showit Training Guide!
And BOOM, we end our VIP Day at 5pm EST and you have a gorgeous new brand and website that you won't be able to stop looking at and showing off!







how do i maintain my stunning new website after our day is over?

Your website will be created in and delivered via Showit– the best web design platform out there. This means that making any edits and updates to your site is as simple and intuitive as possible, no matter your tech savvy-ness. With a beginner-friendly interface, drag-and-drop style editing, completely customizable layout, and top-quality support team, Showit is hands down the platform for anyone. This is why I swear by it and use it in my own business.

PLUS to make things as easy as possible for you, you'll receive an uber-helpful Showit Training Guide including a video training complete with everything you need to know about creating in Showit.

What if i just need an extra day or two?(not a full week) can i hire you for additional day rates?

Of course! Some websites need things that we just don't have the time for in one day–like an extra sales page, blog set up, or a shop built out. If this is your situation, we'll just add on those additional VIP days to your WIAD website project. When you're filling out your application, let me know what your website requires and we'll create a plan to get it done quickly and flawlessly.

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What do I need to have ready before signing on for Website In A Day?

*All your steps + instructions are nicely organized and laid out for you inside the welcome page. So don't worry- I make the whole process as simple, convenient, and fun as possible for you. You'll be shocked at how streamlined and easy this exciting project will be.

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  1. Have a good idea of what you want your business and brand to feel like.
  2. Sign up for a Showit Subscription.
  3. Purchase your domain(if you don’t already have one).
  4. Have high quality brand images ready to go.
  5. Put aside the day/week we work together so that no time is wasted in between communication.(Basically just don’t be on vacay in the Bahamas lol)

The business empire that naturally catches the eye of dream clients with 'must-work-with' energy. 

A 100% custom-to-you Showit website that makes both you and your dream clients feel at home.

A look that people will notice, a site that brings home the bacon, and a lasting impression that leaves your calendar booked out for months.

A luxury experience that's feels divinely tailored for you and accurately showcases your magic. 

A brand that empowers you, inspires you, and ignites your soul making your sheer presence sine brighter than the sun.

Your dream website in record time

it's not too good to be true

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I'm a young creative who keeps up with the trends and breaks the mold of traditional business design by honoring both my creativity and your unique individuality. I enjoy walks in nature, thrifting, and making my client's dreams a fully formed reality.

A color outside of the lines creative who never fails to leave jaws on the floor

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Be fierce. Be ambitious. Be unique.

Evolve, align, and thrive.

With the only one-on-one VIP style custom Brand & Web Design experience for powerfully passionate women creating their legacy.

The opulent design experience you've been                         



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