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There are a whole bunch of web builders out there…but what makes Showit superior to them all?

Here’s a rundown of the main reasons why I LOVE Showit and use it with my clients:

1. Simplicity

It’s so easy to use. Showit’s editor is insanely simple and so intuitive. I have confidence that anyone has the ability to get the hang of it after a quick run-down of how it all works.

2. Completely Customizable

Showit is the only web builder I’ve used that makes it so easy to make a completely custom site. There’s no having to settle for a different layout or design concept because it’s not working with the platform. You can create whatever you want, wherever you want, in a matter of seconds.

3. Unmatched Mobile Responsiveness

 Having a mobile friendly website is vital and Showit makes it as easy as possible to create a website that looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.

4. Flawless Template Integration

In order to add a Showit Website Template you purchased it’s quite literally 2 steps. All you need is a simple key code and to press enter and there it is, all ready for you to customize to your specific business/brand. Here click to shop our Website Templates and launch your dream website YOURSELF!

5. Top Tier Customer Service

Showit’s support team is one of the most attentive and helpful I’ve ever interacted with. They always respond within 24 hours and won’t give up until your question is fully answered and any issue is resolved.

6. Affordable

Showit’s plans range from $19-$34/month depending on what you need. With everything Showit has to offer, these prices are well worth it.

If you’re a business owner, having a website is a MUST and Showit is the way to go!

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Why Showit Is The Superior Web Design Platform (Sorry Not Sorry Squarespace)

Web Design


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Scale Now Creative credits StoryBrand and Donald Miller with acquiring the knowledge of branding and marketing, and the strategy of storytelling used within these areas. I encourage you all to check out his podcast here, his website here, and purchase his book here. Scale Now Creative is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with StoryBrand.

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erin D.

What can I say? Working with Jenna has been amazing. She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process. She took something that means the world to me and took my ideas and made them a reality. 1000/10 would recommend her talents & creativity to anyone looking to update or create their branding. My branding package is so cute/ to die for and so much better than I could have ever imagined. Jenna is so talented and I loved working with her. I will continue to use her services any chance I can get!

"She is ridiculously talented and it felt like she was reading my mind through out this whole process."


Libby B.

I couldn't be happier with the exceptional website design services provided by Jenna. She transformed my vision into a stunning, user-friendly website that perfectly represents my brand. Her attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to ensuring every aspect of the site exceeded my expectations truly sets her apart. Working with Jenna was a breeze, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking top-notch web design.

"Her attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to ensuring every aspect of the site exceeded my expectations truly sets her apart"


Lauren M.

Jenna is so incredibly talented and anyone who works with her will have their expectations completely blown away.  The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design. My website has only been live for 3 weeks and I already have 4 discovery calls in the books - with $0 in advertising costs! 

"The website is polished, elevated, and luxe - you would think it cost thousands more to design."


erin A.

Jenna exceeded my expectations in every aspect of this process. I appreciated how organized and easy Jenna made this entire process. She did an excellent job at not only designing my website, but making my website the vibe and aesthetic I wanted- fun, approachable and not overwhelming. I could tell that Jenna really took all the information I told her into consideration when designing my website and it came out beautiful! Her support before, during and even after this process has been amazing.

"The Website In A Day Package was EVERYTHING I needed!"


Serena H.

Jenna captured everything I have ever envisioned for my brand and more!! I've been trying to figure out my branding on my own since I created my business, but nothing was really clicking, and everything I shared on my socials just didn't feel like me. I'm so excited to revamp my business with this new branding and love how easy Jenna made this process! (Seriously, the organization of her branding/website copy workbooks is *chef's kiss*)

"If you've felt stuck with your branding and can't find anything that feels just right, Jenna is DEFINITELY worth the investment!"


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